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Prodigy Finance-Student loans for international degrees
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Student loans for international degrees

Take your education and career to the next level with the help of a Prodigy Finance student loan that suits your needs


Getting into university is the hard part, funding it should be easy. Take it from graduates from Pakistan, Mongolia, Zimbabwe, Colombia, South Africa and other parts of the world where access to funding an international degree can be limited.


Moreblessings Sekenhamo, a Chicago Booth graduate, wanted to take his career to the next level and to do that, wanted to study at a top business school. But getting the financial support to attend the school of his dreams was not easy. “I was knocking on every door trying to make my funding plan for business school work,” he says.


Maria Muller says her limited savings and the fact that her parents weren’t in a position to support her, meant that she needed assistance from a financial institution. 


But not just any financial institution will fund a master’s degree abroad. Emaan Karamatullah, a graduate from Wharton, experienced this first-hand as she was struggling to find banks or lenders who would give loans to international students.


This is where Prodigy Finance steps in to help international postgraduate students.


Prodigy Finance has been assisting students from around the world by providing access to international education loans to fund their master’s degrees. In fact, more than 18,000 students from 150 countries have chosen Prodigy Finance to fund their degrees in business, public policy, engineering, law and health sciences at top schools around the world.


“Prodigy was probably one of the most essential pieces of my Wharton journey and I knew that I couldn’t afford it all on my own,” says Emaan.


You focus on your education, while Prodigy Finance focuses on your funding

Prodigy Finance helps to eliminate the stress of securing funding with a quick and easy, 30-minute application process that takes place entirely online. “Getting feedback on applications within 48-hours means that you can make decisions quickly,” adds Harvard graduate, Tariro Goronga.


You don’t need any collateral or co-signer when you apply for a Prodigy Finance loan, which means you don’t need to burden family when it comes to getting a loan. In addition, you can get funding for up to 100% cost of attendance, covering tuition and living expenses.


Prodigy Finance offers competitive rates and gives you a choice of loan terms to suit your repayment needs. They also offer a grace period which means you can finish studying and have 6 months after graduation before you need to start repaying the loan. Plus there are no hidden fees, no additional costs while you’re studying, and there are no penalties if you decide to start repaying your loan early. “Prodigy gave me options and the flexibility to choose how I was going to finance my school,” says Harvard graduate, Santiago Arteaga, who added, “Doing my MBA gave me a lot more freedom to go where I really wanted.”


And that’s what Prodigy Finance aims to do - help fund international degrees so that students achieve their life-long dreams by getting into top schools around the world.


The company also values the importance of building a community of international professionals who are driven to make an impact, and hosts a number of campus events, webinars, ambassador programmes, partnerships and information sessions for the students’ benefit. “You get exposure to guest speakers, companies, professors and classmates that just broaden your world completely,” says Maria, who joined one of their career events.

Getting an international student loan to achieve the education and career of your dreams has never been easier.