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4/21(일) 3시, IESE - Coffee Chat with MBA Student @ 여의도 GLAD호텔 GREETS 카페
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MBA 학생과 함께하는 IESE 75분의 커피 챗 - 4/21(일) 15:00

Ms. Yeonsoo Park (IESE MBA Class of 2019) will be temporarily back to Seoul prior to her graduation in May as well as the beginning of her post-MBA full-time work in Germany. 

She is more than happy to talk about how impactful her two-year journey at IESE has been, what has led her to successfully transform her career from shipping industry in South Korea (before MBA) to consulting in Germany (after MBA), etc. As Mr. Tomofumi Nishida (Associate Director, IESE MBA Admissions) won't be there this time, the whole session will be led by Yeonsoo.